The Ideal Life from the Ideal Real Estate


The Ideal Life from the Ideal Real Estate

In my experience most people don’t have goals. Oh sure we have a dream house, maybe a dream job or a dream car. But really, what are we aiming for? What is our purpose?

Now I don’t mean to get existential on all of us on a mortgage and real estate blog but this question really hit me hard a year ago when I was working with some home builders in Utah. One day I sat down and thought, is this really what I want to be doing for my whole life?

So I did what any self-respecting American going through an existential crisis would do. I went on vacation to escape it all. I hitched together my stuff, put on my best yoga pants and took off to Nassau.

This wasn’t a normal vacation for me, this was the first time I had ever gone out of the country, and it really opened my eyes, I don’t think I had ever seen a coast as beautiful as the one I saw in the Bahamas. It was mesmerizing, the atmosphere was full of excitement. At first I figured it was just due to the fact that I was on vacation, but after a few days I realized that it wasn’t just that, this place was so amazing I had to stay.

So I looked up Bahamas real estate, put on my favorite Citizen Nighthawk watch and bought the first reasonable offer that I came across. Now I run an amazing blog, I live close to the ocean and I love life.

Now was it real estate that changed my life? Maybe, I know lots of people wouldn’t be happy with the life I have now. Every day is not a vacation but I can say that if you don’t feel like you are living up to your potential take a look around and see what else you can do to move up. Maybe it’s not a move to the Bahamas, maybe it’s moving closer to work, or moving out to the middle of nowhere in Helena Montana just to get away from the city. Whatever your ideal situation is I say go for it, and I maybe be biased but I truly believe real estate can take you there.

Just a short update this time, but I’ll be posting a lot more in the new year, so check back for a lot of good mortgage tips!