I’m Back! Happy New Year To Everyone

Im Back Baby!

Hey everyone,

I’m finally back. It’s been a long time since I posted last because of new years vacation, but also because we (my husband and I) just bought a new home. Let me give you the history and tell you why it was a great thing but also turned out to be the most hectic time of my life so far. Stay tuned though, 2017 is going to be the year for posts!

As you all know, we now live just outside Houston. The Real Estate market here has been recovering very quickly and investment is starting to grow. I’ve been giving talks all around Houston convention centers and showing proof of the gradual growth and bringing new students into my mortgage education program.

In the new program for 2017, we’ve already had some of the mortgage students make their first lending sale and guess who it was? Me! That’s right, to help my students gain confidence and understand the loan process, I took out a small loan (for some home improvements we were doing anyway) so they could take it out into the real world and apply what they’ve learned. Little did I know they’d be getting more experience soon.

My husband and I bought this Victorian era 4 bed 5 bath Tudor at the end of last year and it’s my dream home. I happened on it by chance after we had moved to Houston and we had bought our condo. It was just too beautiful and has everything a girl can dream of from a claw tub and exposed copper pipes to the original fire places in almost every room and hardwood flooring with built in heating. (sounds great but just wait).

On January 3rd we’d finally recovered from New Years and all the traveling when around 12:30AM my husband shakes me awake (I’m a deep sleeper) and tells me the house is flooding. I jump out of bed and immediately and find our wedding photos and legal documents that could be damaged in a flood. He grabs me and says relax it’s just the living room downstairs. I ask what do you mean just the living room? He told me a bang woke him up and he ran down to see what it was. One of my beloved exposed copper pipes had burst and completely flooded the living room in about 2 inches of water. Thankfully, my husband is a handy guy and shut off the water before it could get any worse.

Of course, I was a mess, I thought the house is ruined, we’ll have to replace everything and my dream home will be a nightmare. It was a hassle before I decided to search emergency water repair. I’ll never underestimate a Google search again. Sean at Water Damage Houston (I got lucky, I just chose the first result haha) was literally to us in less than an hour and his guys in the dead of night started pumping and drying.

living room water damage

The floor was almost perfect, there was some warping and we had to end up replacing a large chunk of it (I almost cried because it was original hardwood) but the rest was perfectly fine! I was inspired to write a whole post about water damage and reselling a home but I have actually decided to include it in my program because I’ve been seeing this case a lot now, mold and water damage after existing in a lot of homes and people are buying and selling without even knowing! Very scary! So it’s a great thing to check because you can knock off a lot on the cost of a home and on the loan for your clients after you see how we apply it in the program!

So this is just a short welcome back post and I’ll be introducing 2 new series this year, the first is the new loan program focusing specifically on Houston’s real estate market. The second, was really fun to make; A college friend of mine introduced me to this amazing sales team in Trinidad and Tobago, that does real estate investments in The Bahamas for the East Coast US. Since we were in the Bahamas for New Years, and T&T is so close by, we stopped there for a few days just to meet and ended up talking about so many business ideas! The team in T&T mainly sell items in Albany Bahamas which is a wonderful luxury resort on Nassau. So the second series will focus on how you can add extra value to your high-end clients who are looking for investments outside of the US. I’m only taking on 15 students for that series so you need to check back for the opening date and it’s first come first serve!

Looking forward to 2017 guys, best of luck to everyone!